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Virtual Visits

Full Immersion Photography

Our virtual visits are grouped in the following categories


To convey a dynamic image of a sporting event, nothing like 3D images. Enhanced through an indoor or outdoor virtual visit, the competition will remain an unforgettable experience for the athletes, the public and the organizers. The 360º increases the visibility and the appreciation of the sponsors. Both the sporting event and its surroundings stand out significantly.

Integrating a virtual tour, through spherical panoramic photography, in the marketing of a property, facilitates and accelerates the rent or sell of an apartment or house. Indoor and outdoor 360°tours, the incorporation of an interactive map and geolocation, and diffusion in social networks increase the appeal of the property.

Bernard Tartinville, 360º panoramic photography tourism and heritage. Museum, hotel and restaurant virtual visit, church and convention centers. Prestigious hotels and restaurants, iconic museums, wonders of nature whether at sea or in the mountains, the 360° spherical photos recreate the places visited in detail. A 3D journey across Europe through 115 million-pixels HD spherical photos.