Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce church

Located in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (Haute-Savoie), the Saint-Nicolas-of-Véroce church is one of the most beautiful chapels of the baroque art of the region.

This virtual visit is comprised by six spherical panoramas of the outside, six of the inside, and various images of the vaults and domes paintings. Also, an interactive map of the painted ceiling has been incorporated. By clicking on each marked area of the map, a faithful reproduction of the painting appears, accompanied by an explanation.

In the six spherical interior views, as one slides the mouse across the different zones of the interactive ceiling, an explanation of the corresponding scene is revealed, and by clicking on it the reproduction of the painting referred to is displayed.

The different lightings of this church and its frescos and paintings subtlety of colors, constitute a challenge when trying to obtain a faithful photographic recreation. To overcome it successfully, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) recording and the image’s high resolution (115 million pixels) are essential tools.

The use of a seven-metre mast when capturing the images later allows virtual visitors to get a closer look at these wonderful works.