Chalet in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

Do you want to sell or rent a chalet in the mountain? A virtual tour is an excellent presentation tool for your property that, by enhancing it, increases the conversion rates of potential customers and accelerates the sale or rental of your house.

A beautiful example of construction of a chalet in the mountains. This superb chalet with solid wooden structure, located in the town of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, lies opposite to the mont Blanc and fifty metres from the ski lifts. The outside is made of larch, a beautiful rust colored wood that is naturally rot-proof. The interior, built with wood from trees felled by the wind, and the fireplace, made of stones and old wood, bestow the chalet with a warm atmosphere.

I took six outdoor spherical panoramic photos in order to embrace the splendid mountain scenery that surrounds it, magnificent both in summer and in winter.

A seven meters high mast emulates the effect of aerial images obtained with a drone, while at the same time provides a different perspective of the chalet’s architecture.

Eleven spherical panoramic photographs of the house’s interior offer an accurate picture of its volumes, materials and finishing, thanks to the quality of the HD -115 million pixels- 360° photography and the HDR (High Dynamic Range).